Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So last nite we saw "The Uninvited" and "Notorious". Frist off let me say that 'scary' movies don't tend to scare me, unless thay're like hardcore old skool. So the movie uninvited was quite an awesome movie. As we were watching it, I couldn't look away! But I didn't want to keep starin cuz like you feel that something is gonna pop out or something like that so I did get scared a couple of time to where I actually didnt wanna watch the rest of the moive. I ended up still watching it and yep it was a cool one. It was WAY better than "The haunting of molly hartley" Now THAT movie was annoying. So after Uninvited we watched Notorious and It was so so cool. I really loved that movie. So that movie is like MY Twilight. ha ha, anyways uh yea. I would have totally went to spend my money on that movie if I had the money. What I'm saying is that yall should watch em both! In Notorious I cried =[ Stupid Tupac and dumb shit with the West coast and East coast. Ugh poor BigE. 

At the moment I finally have a break and some time to myself. Today we had to go buy some other stuff that we needed that we forgot to pick up yesterday. Then we went to pick up my brother from school and came home. Gus just changed and went to work. Ugh I miss him terribly! By the time I am going to go to sleep he should be coming back from work, so i guess thats a YaY?! but still I miss him =[ Oh today we found the cell I want at Walmart for 50 bucks and I think I'll be getting it Friday! yay me :)  Since I already have a phone with Att they are selling me the one I want for 50 bucks, so we're taking the offer.

Uh......I don't think i've said this before but I am already planning Izarra's 1st birthday party! She's gonna be so old my poor baby! lol she's napping right now and I am supposed to be eating dinner but I don't find myself very hungry. So about Izarra's birthday party, I'll be making the invites again and I'm so excited for her! Hopefully everyone will show up to her 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY! lol mom says im planning a little too early but I don't think so. Her birthday isn't until July but STILL!! So yep, thats all folks!

PS> I miss GUS! =[

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