Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Im getting really sick & tired of the way things are here at home. Under daily basis im being yelled at that i dont do anything, that i need to learn how to cook & clean.& im left like WHAT THE FUCK?!! I FUCKIN COOK AND CLEAN. Seriously, i dont understand what the fuck more is wanted from me. Does she want me to fuckin feed it to her directly in her mouth and fuckin wash her ass for her too? >_< .....I cook dinner daily for EVERYONE, yet my mother dearest still comes home & idk what the fuck she expects. I clean after i cook & the counter & if Izarra makes a mess somewhere else i go & clean after her. So even after everyone eats & the dishes left over are theirs & the pans that has the food in them are empty, im called to go clean after it. Im going CRAZY