Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here again.

So I'm back at dear old mommas house because we're homeless and here is the only place we know we can go..Things were good for the first week and then the second week started getting territorial with things like; oh this is my food make your own, that's not mine you clean it blah blah blah..Then the third week comes along and its back to drama like when I was living here. So yelling at me for no reason, telling me I'm lazy blah blah blah same ol' same ol'. It's annoying and it still hurts my feelings but oh well.. I'm trying to mind my own business but I somehow get in trouble :/ I'm ready to move away but I have no where else to go, especially with my babies & Frank.
It's like being back in this room isnt good for us at all. I hate when couples pretend that their relationship is picture perfect and don't admit to having arguments...Well Frank & I fight from time to time, not always and not for long, its usually because of him making me mad. Maybe its because he's with us 24/7 and we never do anything but take care of our kids and never get a break just for us....Idk, hopefully he gets a job soon, I want a job...Anyway with him mad at me & my parents whose there to support me? My oldest brother has his kids, my other brother is busy working, my little brother has his girl & my sister is busy with school.. there's 11 people in this house but I feel alone ...most of my friends don't really talk to me, let alone hang out with me...I do love my life being with my kids but I really do miss my friends Alot.