Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aug 1

Okay so for like a couple of weeks now my brother has been asking me when are we gonna go out to eat at this awesome chinese food place (Chinese Star). Well we've been poor a good amount of the time, due to saving up for Izarras party, bills and then the car breaking down, then other bills that my parents added as well. So we roughly pay about $550 bucks a month for everything, and thats not even counting gas and needs! So with Frank the only one working its hard for us to buy something we may want, so we have to only stick to our needs, but mostly Izarras needs. Anyway we finally had some money to spare this week due to all the overtime Franks been putting in at work and I told my brother that we might be able to go out this weekend, so the day came and Frank took forever to get ready cuz he was out FINALLY washing his car and cleaning it. So when he finally came inside I yelled at him to go shower cuz Alex and nancy were ready and they were waiting on us. Well when he got out of the shower he saw that i wasnt ready yet, I mean my hair was did and my make-up but i wasnt dressed and i was all like "dude calm down i just put izarra to sleep and all i gotta do is put on my clothes" so i shanged my shirt and was in search for ym pants, well I couldnt find them anywhere, i dug in the hamper of dirty clothes and in the closet and around the room and I couldnt find my damn pants anywhere, Fuckin pants >_< I was getting mad cuz I couldnt find em and we were already running late. So Frank was all like "did you look on my side of the closet" and I was all like "No why would they be there if its not my side!!" I was annoyed and mad so anyways he took the liberty of looking anyway and he found em :) Yay Frank! ^_^ lol i felt bad for yelling at him but i thanked him anyways :) So anyways we went to the food place and ate, then rushed off to the movie place and saw the movie! It was effin awesome. Twas not scary at all but I loved all the gorey stuffs! ahhhhh was so cool =] I was very satisfied ^_^ so then we went to walmart after and Frank got me some new jeans :) lol I didnt say no cuz i knew i needed em :) Its nice to fit into some jeans :) ......i gotta go cuz jasmines rushing me out the door to make pinatas so ttyl bye bye!