Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally have time....

so its been a long while since i last posted a blog so i think its about time to write another one. there has been so many times where i really wanted to blog but unfortunately i have a limited time on the computer. LOL thats right! IZARRA doesn't really let me get on the computer as much as I used to. She wants all my attention or throw a fit and since I love seeing her happy I tend to give up the computer since its not really important. So we've all been good and i'll tell you more rite now..

So recently Izarra turned ONE and we had a birthday party for her of course! It wasn't this huge-o thing with big ass expensive things but I think it was awesome enuff. She and all the other kids loved it, not to mention other ADULTS who said they had a great time. It was very stressful to get everything done and do pretty much everything myself, because most of the things were handmade and personalized and Frank doesn't like doing that kind of stuff so i had him watch Izarra while i worked on things. So our friend ♪Heart@ttack♪ offered to be our photographer for the party and we gladly accepted =] he's pretty awesome with photos and edits. It felt kinda weird though that I wasn't the one taking pics, but we still got awesome pics :) we also had a CAKE of course! and a pinata and relatives and PRESENTS! and uh.......face painting and home-made personalized party favors, and i dont member what else....but ya after all the stress it was well worth it :) SO yea, she's one. it's so weird, like I don't believe it but she's growing and isn't my lil lil newborn baby no more. I still love her but its like

So Frank is of course still working, same place different pay. He got a raise and he also became a certified fork lift driver. Recently they told him that he was gonna have to be competing with his co-worker for another raise. So hopefully MY Frank gets it (the other guy is named Frank too) But ya im cheering for him whether or not he gets it, I am still proud of him :) yes dear im proud of you! ^_^ Uh another thing about Frank is that he's lost some major weight! Like im not calling him a hardcore fatass but he was quite he's this skinny bitch with finely toned arms....*drool*.....i loved him as a fatty but im getting used to this skinny bitch =] but his arms i LOVE very much! lol *blushes* ......*sigh* ......Uh...i 4got what i was gonna say....So uh...he still loves us and we love him.

So me.....well whats there to say. I'm still a fatty, jobless and sometimes depressed. Although daily Izarra and Frank make me smile and laugh til i cant breathe. LOL there were many situations where things were bad but i laughed it off because i didnt feel like being mad or sad about our financial like my fav was wen frank had got paid and when he came home round 3:30am we were adding up our bills and seeing how much money we'd be left with. Well, he was adding everything and then in the end when he pushed equals it came out to $-10.00 and he was ALL mad and I was HARDCORE laughing and I couldnt breathe. He looked at me all confused at why i was laughing and it took a while (like an hour) for me to be able to tell him why i was laughing, Gosh i thought it was so funny! *sigh* still live here at my moms house in this lil hot room. But now the AC works and it doesnt get so hot anymore so thats something good I guess...Um...We all wake up at 1pm after going to sleep at 4am....uh....sometimes i still argue with my ma but things are good with us rite now..Except that they're going to Pismo manana and I wanna go too but unfortunately we can't cuz were poor and our car is broken..AGAIN. effin*scratches head* Izarra just woke up from her I guess "nap"....Oh! I cut my hair, i think imma cut it a bit shorter. I wanted to curly it but since i cut it i dont think i'll do it until it grows back as long as it was before. But uh yea, i wanna cut it a bit shorter but im not sure if frank will approve of it. he likes my hair as is, but im still gonna cut it =] well i think thats all for now....oh! I saw this girl i knew and she was all ignoring me...fuckin know what i hafta say something else, but ill type it later cuz Izarras kicking me off already TTYL!! Cya!