Thursday, April 30, 2009

Darn Dream

So for a while now i've been having a dream about this girl who i used to be friends with until i dont know what happened and everything went to shit. Yea, my brothers and I used to be mean to her but she used to play the same way with us so it was fair. Anyways everything went to shit and we stopped talking and she started talking about me behind my back. I really didnt care that she did it but i wanted to know what she was saying, I never found out so oh well. So in the dream im with her and she's talking to me. She's telling me that she needs my help because she's going through a hard time and really needs me to be there for her and let the past be the past. So when I wake up i get to thinking, I really do want to apologize for whatever i did wrong because i dont like holding grudges with people and i dont like to be mean to ppl without ever apologizing (if i feel that i need to apologize) And i do feel like it. Maybe she is going through a hard time and maybe she does need someone to help her. I dont care what happened in the past and i want to fix it (be the bigger man, er uh..WOman) and get it over with. So my dilemma is; do i send her a message to meet me on messenger or do i send her a message with my letter of apology?. I can't call her due to me not having her number. I'm pretty sure yall know who i'm talking about....HELP!

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