Monday, April 27, 2009


The weekend went by sooooooo slow! Frank had to work today, he only gets saturdays off so I guess thats good. It's nice to spend some time together for talking, snuggling and smooching! =] I do miss him a lot when he goes to work but I cant say anything because he NEEDS to go to work. We need the money. So I do understand that I will see him daily but hang out with him rarely. So as time goes by I do get the hang of getting everything done on my own and seeing him once in a while. He's only been there for a week but still feels like forever and he hasnt gotten paid! lol i sound greedy but he actually needs the money to fix his stupid car! >_<>_< Ugh damn car! So today it overheated again like right around the corner to our house and he was fricken MAD because he had to go to work in a hour. My brother and him checked out his car and they found  out that one of the pipes were ripped, so with no money and no ride or no time to fix it, they cut it and replaced it. It should work for atleast this week so that way he can buy a new one Friday hopefully when he gets paid. So yea im hungry and Izarras sleeping and Franks at work and mom and dad are at some church thing for some dead guy. I'd make food but im waiting for my mom to come home with the things I need so i can get to cookin. So I'm hungry and my turtle is hungry cuz he's just looking at me and banging on his lil cage dealie for me to look at him and feed him so i gotta go feed him!

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