Monday, April 20, 2009

My 420

So it's Monday and I  had a tiring day as im sure I wasn't the only one. Today Frank had his orientation and had to get up wayy early. So I got up when he did to say bye and I thought to myself "Yess now I get to sleep til' noon!" Unfortunately Izarra didn't think do. She woke up at 7am and I thought it was fricking noon cuz the sun was out so bright that my dark curtains couldn't keep the light out. So anyways I get up in a rush because I had an appointment today at the dR's and WIC and I was all thinking that I was gonna be late to them cuz I woke up late. So I rush to make Izarra her bottle and then rush to the bathroom to wake myself up a bit more. So I wash my face/brushed teeth and combed my hair, not to mention do my make up. Anywhoo when I got out of the bathroom I look up to the clock and see that its only 7AM!! I was like "WTF" so I layed back down, but not to sleep because Izarra wanted to play. 

So since Frank was gone all day and Izarra had me all to herself she took advantage! lol by the time Frank came home to pick us up to go to our appointments I was tired. We played everything I can think of and she ate every hour or so and only took like a 30 minute nap. She's quite the energizer bunny! So today was hot and i had a fun/crazy day. I did miss Frank though. At the moment he and Izarra are both napping. Soon I'll have to wake him up so we can go shopping for some things that are needed. Uh......Oh yea so Frank has an awesome job now and now we can actually save money and move into our own place. Its so exciting but scary, but I can't wait! Oh yea, Soon I'll be getting a new cell phone again. Nothing wrong with my old one, but Frank wants me to get a new one! YaY! So Thoughtfull! :) Yep, so thats all for today!

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  1. Yayyyy!! Congrats to you guys on his new job! Where does he work? I'm looking for a job at the moment, too. MAN it's hard to find a job. Anywho, glad things are looking up for you guys! :)